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Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Experience the magnificence of the seventh wonder of the world.

Did You Know?
On march 29, 1848, the flow of water stopped completely for several hours due to an ice jam in the upper river.The first person to go over the Falls in a barrel and survive was a 63-year old female schoolteacher.

Without a doubt, Niagara Falls is considered the most famous waterfall in the world. It may not be the largest, nor the tallest but her splendour has yet to fail in attracting and amazing inspired artists and impassionate lovers throughout the globe. Day or night, you won't be able to tear yourself away from this wondrous spectacle; great bands of water plummet over the edge and create a resonating roar down below. Even in winter, when the flow is partially hidden and the edges freeze solid, Niagara Falls reminds us just how amazing our natural world is.

Other Facts

  • Niagara Falls was carved by centuries of melting glaciers and water erosion
  • Composed of three falls: the American Falls, the Bridal Veil Falls (Luna Falls) and the Horseshoe Falls
  • The American Falls are located in the U.S. and measures 176 feet (54 meters) high
  • The Horseshoe Falls are located in Canada, measuring 170 feet (52 meters) high

Location & Directions

The American Falls is located near the bottom of Clifton Hill (0.5 km southeast of Comfort Inn Clifton).